With PingThemAll Pro, anyone can create an IP network device monitoring system in minutes.
Just add the devices you wish to monitor to the configuration file, and you will be up and running in no time.

Monitor computers, servers, NAS devices, printers, HVAC controls, security cameras, door access systems... even websites.

Looking for a "big picture" view of what's going on? We've got your covered. Need to get an e-mail when something specific stops responding? We can do that. Just want to get a report once a day to know how things have been over the last 24 hours? We do that too.

With PingThemAll Pro, you decide what devices you wish to monitor, add them to the text-based configuration file, and it does the rest. Watch real-time as devices are pinged, with line-by-line reporting of success or failure. Monitor the overall status of your devices from any device, anywhere in the world. Check on the network before leaving the house, while stuck in traffic, or from the beach. Display a status summary on a big screen at the help desk, on data center monitors, in the boss's office, administrator's PC, etc.

PingThemAll Pro requires no agents, no plugins and no extensions. It be ran from a local hard drive, network share, external drive or even a USB flash drive. PingThemAll Pro has the smallest footprint of any system of its kind.


  • 9/8/2022 - PingThemAll version released and available for download.
  • 9/16/2022 - All support documents have been updated.

    PingThemAll is the easiest Network Monitoring system in the world. You will be up and running within minutes!

    Example of the PingThemAll application (engine) running:

    Sample Screenshots:
    PingThemAll Results Webpage showing all-good status.
    PingThemAll Results Webpage reporting that a device is not responding.

    Download the free version and check it out for yourself!

    At pingthemall.com, we say, "If you can ping it, we can monitor it."